Thursday, December 01, 2005

Personal Confidential

I really wasn't sure if I should stamp the envelope with "Personal - Confidential." In the end I opted to purchase this stamp and use them on the envelopes. The last thing I want is for the letter to get tossed in the trash at some low-level government office. Optimally, all letters will at a minimum get seen by the leader's secretary. I figured stamping the envelope "Personal - Confidential" would probably ensure the letters get more attention and scrutiny than if it were not stamped.

I also liked the two color scheme. It makes the envelope stand out and look important (which it is - don't let anyone fool you).

Finally, I realize that non-English readers won't know what 'Personal - Confidential' means. Hopefully in this case they will assume the most important and handle the letter with the highest priority.

Each letter was stamped once in the lower left quadrant of the envelope.

This stamp is available commercially online for about $6.


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