Sunday, December 11, 2005


The republic of Tuva is a member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. Referred to as "the remotest place in the world" this obscure land sandwiched between Russia and Mongolia is claimed by Russia, China, and the Tuvans themselves. It is currently under the administrative control of Russia.

Kyzyl, Tuva's capital, was once thought to be the exact geographic center of Asia and a monument to that effect still stands in Kyzl to this day.

Curiously, according to this website Tuva is still at war with Germany Tuva declared war to the German Reich in 1941. As a part of the Soviet Union, it belonged to the winner of the war. But even after the declaration of the independent Republic 1992, there was no time or occasion (or necessity?) to sign a treaty of peace with Germany. Who woulda thunk?

Unfortunately I did not sent a letter to Chairman Sherig-ool Oorzhak as I only recently became aware of the existence of Tuva. As penance I read the fascinating book pictured below and I recommend it highly. It's a mesmerizing read.

For more on Tuva see its Wikipedia entry here. Click here for a Forbes account (and video) of a 2005 Tuva journey.


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