Tuesday, March 28, 2006


President Vincente Fox of Mexico became the 46th world leader to respond to my request. The correspondence was sent via registered mail and enclosed in an elaborate folder that included no less than three photographs of the President.

One wonders why the response was so long in coming; after all, the US and Mexico are close neighbors. Whatever the reason may be, I am grateful for the response and glad the correspondence arrived at all.

It's also interesting to note the lengthy return address on the envelope. Perhaps that explains the delayed response as I my envelope to the President was simply addressed President Vincente Fox, Mexico City, Mexico. It would seem corresponding with the President could very well give ordinary Mexicans writers cramp simply from addressing the envelope...


Blogger hashfanatic said...

I have actually wondered several time this week what the guy we were discussing ad nauseam LOOKED like!

I always found that the names and addresses of dignitaries I dealt with from the island of Guam always had names and titles that seemed miles and miles long.

3:44 PM  

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