Thursday, December 29, 2005


Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein became the 12th world leader to honor my request. Apparently he was low on photographs of himself and so he just grabbed one of his wedding pictures.

Jokes aside, I appreciate the uniqueness of the photo. The photograph also has some writing on the bottom it. Look closely and you'll see it. It was written in silver but for some reason the scanner had a hard time picking it up. Its not in English and so I'm not sure what it says.

The Prince is clearly posing with his wife but I'm not sure what her title is. If he is the prince does that mean she the princess? I'm terribly unfamiliar with monarchies and royalty. If anyone has a clue please lend a hand and let us know in the comment section.


Blogger Dan said...

His wife is Princess Marie, although she is not a Princess by right (not in the line of succession). She is a Countess in her own right (as well as her husband's cousin, how close I don't know).

Hans Adam is probably the most powerful remaining monarch in Europe.

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