Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Congratulations to the Prime Minister of Sweden for being the very first world leader to respond to my letters exactly two weeks after they were mailed. He was quick to respond but apparently didn't dwell much on my letter. I requested a autographed photograph. I got the autograph all right but no photo.

Determining the correspondence was from Sweden took some detective work. There was no return address, the stamps are in Swedish, and his autograph is illegible. It was only after reading the note from the clerical officer that I able to figure out the correspondence was from Sweden.

Oh well, we'll have a toast anyway.


Anonymous Felix Ahlner said...

Hello there,
just started reading this escapade, very entertaining. Here's a picture of the Swedish prime minister (to the far left) in case you were wondering how he looks.

I hope to read more here as the letters drop in.

Greetings from Felix Ahlner, Sweden

3:44 PM  

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