Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Prime Minister Percival James Patterson of Jamaica became the 47th world to hoor my request. As can be seen the enclosed photo was hand-initialed by the Prime Minister himself.

As with the correspondence recieved from other former and current British commonwealths the envelope is marked on Jamaica Government service. I wonder if letters marked 'on government service' are treated differently than ordinary letters.

The envelope was also of the few to actually be 'air mail style' with red and blue markings on the side. If anyone has any idea why the airmail envelope was designed this way and why it is mostly not used anymore please let us know. I'm curious to know about the origins and disuse of this postal tradition.


Anonymous Mlask√° said...

Sooo, he became the "47th world" to "hoor" your request? Was there, by any chance, something else in the mail that you're not telling us about? ;)
I jest, I jest.

4:50 PM  

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