Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare of the most linguistically diverse country, Papua New Guinea, became the 53rd world leader to respond to my request. The photograph was hand-autographed.

This correspondence and the one from Malaysia were the only ones to arrive at my home, all others arrived at my post office box. I never did reveal my home address so I can't quite figure out how they ascertained it. I suppose they have their ways.

The letter indicates my correspondence to them was dated March 31, 2003. In fact, my letter was dated November 28, 2005. Had they been correct, it would have taken them longer than three years to respond!

It is now one year since I started this project, and yet the letters continue to arrive. I can't help but wonder for how much longer they will continue to show up.


Anonymous CK said...

Way to go Yoili!

Its really cool, i check it every few moons... keep it up and hatzlacha in everything!!


5:53 PM  

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