Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Congratulations are due to President Samuel Schmid of Switzerland for being the first world leader to fully comply with my request and send me an autographed photograph. Under Switzerland's rotating presidency heads of state change annually. I suppose he wanted to get some photos out before he's ousted after the new year.

The envelope had no return address. In fact, the name Switzerland isn't even mentioned. However I quickly put two and two together when I saw his name on the envelope and 'Bern' in the postage area,

Interestingly there was nothing else included in the letter. It was just the envelope and photo. I guess the man doesn't speak much.

Ya know, him and I share a name minus one letter. I wonder if that means I get a Swiss sponsored all expenses paid trip to meet my namesake...

I also noticed that both this envelope and the one from Sweden are stamped 'Priotaire'. I wonder what that means. Is that faster than regular air mail?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The envelope does in fact mention Switzerland: Helvetia, one of the variants of the Latin name for the country.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are stamped 'Priotaire'. I wonder what that means. It is just priority in French

11:27 AM  

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