Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Austria's Chancellor Wolfgang Schussel became the 15th world leader to honor my request and the 5th leader to personally sign the photo.

Did someone sneeze? No? Well, Gezundheit anyway. Not from me, from the Chancellor himself. Take a look at the scan below, it is the reverse side of the autographed photo. I hope he wasn't expecting us to sneeze as soon as we viewed his picture? (he's not that ugly). And of course the "tipps" are in German. I was able to make out the words 'sport' and 'stress.'

Neither the envelope or it's contents mention Austria by name so with the help of my detective cap I deduced that Wein probably means Vienna and by Vienna they probably mean the capital of you know where... (It helped that this guy had the same name as the Chancellor.)

One more thing. Does anyone know what OVP stands for?


Anonymous spot said...

"Does anyone know what OVP stands for?"
i'd guess office of the vice pres?

5:12 PM  
Blogger hashfanatic said...

Maybe "Osterreicher Volks Partei"?

8:59 PM  
Anonymous King of the Cows said...

Hmmm... the reverse of the photo seems to be some kind of "health tips."

While I don't have the capacity to translate the whole thing, the categories are:

Sport (obvious)

Gesunde Ernaehung (nutrition? It menations eating salad, milk and whoel grain products)

Kein falscher Stress (no "false" stress? Not sure, but I think it basically says "Don't sweat the petty things")

Achtung Gewicht (pay attention to your weight, with a warning about high blood pressure)

Achtung Cholesterin (pay attention to your cholesterol)

Weniger Rauchen - gar nicht rauchen (smoke less - or not at all)

12:56 PM  
Anonymous altolinguistic said...

(Disclaimer - I am a translator, but not from German, and I don't have my dictionary with me!)

these are the first few tips:

Health Tips:

Many of us are unaware of our health. We live hectic lives, are much too busy and have no time to think about our own health. For many years I have been trying to live differently: maybe my health tips will help you, or perhaps you already do the following things regularly.

Sport: Regular exercise for 30-60 minutes 3 times a week, working the heart so that you reach a maximum pulse of 180 minus your age. By doing this you can reduce your risk of heart attack by up to 60%.

Healthy eating: Eating salad, milk and wholegrain products every day is the optimal way – Austrian organic produce is even better.

No unnecessary stress: This raises the risk of heart attack dramatically. It's not hard workers who are at risk, rather it is those who feel overwhelmed.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OeVP is a political party in Austria--hashfanatic has it right. Oesterreich is how you say Austria in German.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Gesundheit is just German for "health".

2:36 PM  
Anonymous altolinguistic said...

the rest: (apologies for any ugly bits)

Watch your weight: Being overweight increases your risk of heart and circulatory diseases and cancer. Blood pressure over 140/85 carries a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. These problems can be helped using weight reduction, lower salt consumption and more exercise.

Watch your cholesterol: ideal value is 200. If you have raised cholesterol levels then healthy eating (?) and sustained exercise are important.

Smoke less – or don’t smoke at all: in order to have a 1/3 lower risk of cancer (and an 85% lower risk of lung cancer) and a significantly lower risk of heart attack.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As has been already said, ÖVP is a political party (and it is ÖVP, not OVP). Wien (not Wein, which means wine) is Vienna in german.

1:47 PM  

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