Wednesday, January 04, 2006


President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan became the 17th world leader to honor my request.

This letter actually arrived in Brooklyn on December 30th but was misplaced by my local post office. Since it was sent via registered mail I received a slip for it a few days ago but it took all this long for them to find it. Of course the clerk was curious as to what dealings I have with the Azerbaijanis...

The post office also took the liberty of making markings on the envelope. In this case indicating when it was received and when it would be returned if it wasn't picked up. I have still yet to identify the penciled markings though.

These guys have an interesting way of addressing an envelope. The return address is just as prominent as the address. I'm surprised the USPS didn't send it right back to Azerbaijan thinking it was addressed to the President...

One more thing I noticed: Ambassadors are individuals stationed abroad in foreign capitals that act as the official representative of their home country. For example, stationed at the US embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan's capital, is the American Ambassador to Azerbaijan. However, based on the letter below it seems as if Azerbaijan actually has an ambassador to itself. This actually seems like a diplomatic anomaly... It would be interesting to know if this person has diplomatic immunity... I wonder if Azerbaijan has an embassy in it's own capital... Do citizens need visas to walk the streets??

Come on, at least chuckle...


Blogger Dan said...

Pretty sure here that "ambassador" is just being used as a title like "diplomat". English tends to have many more words than other languages for the same thing.

2:41 PM  

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