Wednesday, January 18, 2006


President Joseph J Urusemal of the Federated States of Micronesia became the 27th world leader to honor my request. He also became the 3rd leader to personally inscribe my name onto the photo in addition to his actual autograph.

I immediately noticed the US Postal Service zip code on the return address. I couldn't quite make sense of it because, as a sovereign nation, Micronesia should theoretically have it's own postal codes. Additionally the beautiful stamps were clearly Micronesian and not American.

Further investigation revealed that the US and (the former American territory of) Micronesia have entered a Compact of Free Association. Among other things the pact stipulates that postal services in Micronesia are to be provided by the US Postal Service. They even have their own state-like abbreviation of FM.

In fact, up until January 8th of this year all one needed was a 37cent stamp to send a letter to Micronesia. (If only I had known I could have saved 43 cents.)

Does anyone know what the responsibilities of the Micronesian Postal Service are and how they differ from those of the US Postal Service in Micronesia? Additionally are Micronesian postage stamps used exclusively or is US postage used as well? This is all very intriguing...

One more thing; The 'Special Assistant to the President' seemingly forgot to sign the letter...


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